My Happy Piranha Candles

Good evening beautiful readers,

Today, I’ll be talking about my favorite candle company Happy Piranha!

I discovered this company back in March and immediately ordered 3 candles for my birthday. The ones I bought were:

  • Lunar Lights: A Lunar Chronicles inspired candle that smells like strawberries dipped in chocolate. It smells so yummy you could practically eat it. (Although I would advise against it)
  • The Skyloft: A Zelda inspired candle that smells like fresh air. The website says that it smells like fresh cut grass and Jasmine and that really makes it smell exactly like fresh air.
  • Amortentia: A Harry Potter inspired candle that smells like rose musk and raspberries.

If I had to pick a favorite out of all three, I’m going to choose the Skyloft candle because of its subtle and fresh scent.

In November, I got so lucky when I found out that I’ll be able to rep for Happy Piranha in December and January. I got a new candle to add to my collection which was a surprise candle. It turns out that my December rep candle was going to be my second favorite candle! The candle I received was:

  • Pikachu’s Poke Berry Pie: It’s a Pokémon inspired candle that smells like berry pie. Josh managed to capture the essence of that smell to the point that I figured out the smell before I even read the label! (Yes, that was caught on camera when I posted my Instagram stories 😂). And the best thing about it is that the candle is YELLOW! It’s my favorite color 💛

I’m currently torn between buying their Gryffindor and Sorting Hat candles which I’ve been eyeing for a while. Both have amazing designs and the sorting hat candle idea seems to be quite fun!

Things I love about Happy Piranha:

  • They design the candle labels by hand then transfer it to a computer (that’s talent!) I mean, have you seen their gorgeous designs?
  • Candles are larger than what I thought they’ll be when I first ordered them.
  • Candles are packaged really well (I received them intact even though our local post office has a hobby of throwing my packages over the wall when I’m not at home).
  • I received them pretty fast since I usually have to wait for a month or more for my normal orders.
  • They have candles for everything! (Bookish, game themed candles, aromatherapy, and even great gift ideas)
  • Rep group chats are very funny!
  • The perfect rep team! Sam and Josh managed to put in a great rep team and I’m so happy to find these awesome people who have beautiful accounts and I know I wouldn’t have met them if it wasn’t for Happy Piranha!

I strongly suggest that you check out their candle collection. They currently have two shops (A Happy Piranha website and an Etsy store).

You can use my rep code “ADOREAPIRANHA” to get 10% discount on your orders.

I’m going to leave you now with some photos of these candles 😍

I believe this is going to be my last post for this year. So I really wish you all a happy new year filled with happiness and success!




3 thoughts on “My Happy Piranha Candles

  1. aveyator27 says:

    These all sound amazing! I’ve had my eye on Lunar Lights and Amortentia recently (because I love HP and am currently listening to the Cinder audiobook and love it!)
    Love this blog post and beautiful photos as usual ❤ xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • adoreabook says:

      Thank you so much! You should check out their other Harry Potter inspired candles! They have the most perfect designs and I’m planning to get some soon.
      And I hope you enjoy reading Cinder as much as I did! I marathoned the series this year and loved it! 💗


  2. Fadwa @ Word Wonders says:

    I’ve always wanted to try bookish candles but shipping is RIDICULOUS to where i live so I’d rather just spend the money on something else (…like more books 😂)

    These sound really good though! I’m glad you’re enjoying them.


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